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Whole Primals vs Pre-cut


The costs associated with running a business within food and beverage is getting increasingly harder each year.

Restaurant & cafe owners, investors, chefs and managers are counting every cent to ensure that they are still in business and employed.

One myth is that cutting your own meat is more expensive and harder than it actually is. At Meatonline, we provide you with professional adviceon how to cut, prepare and limit wastage when cutting your own meat. We provide videos and tutorials on how to do this and it will save you time, effort and money if followed correctly.

There are many pro’s and cons on the old debate to weather I should purchase whole primals compared to pre cut meat.

Would I like to cut my meat bills in half? Would I like to have total control in what I’m purchasing, preparing and serving my customers? Would I like to double my covers per day and have happy customers who come regularly?

If you  are purchasing a consistent quality product at competitive prices half the battle is won and this for many is one of the hardest goals to achieve.

For any Chef who has received good old school training there is never any waste when cutting your own meat. “nothing is wasted” – trimmings can be used for other dishes, fresh mince or in stocks or sauces. Fat can be rendered down and used as cooking oil for example.

At Meatonline we have free videos located on our website free for anyone looking to see how the professionals do it.

For more detailed information we have designed a Meatonline cutting plan which walks your through the purchasing, storing, preparation, cooking and serving of your centre plate proteins.