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Muscle Seaming

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Many whole primals can be further seamed out quite simply and efficiently in a small kitchen space to offer you a broader range of muscles from one particular cut, allowing you to allocate the different muscles into different applications in the cooking process. For example, a whole rump can be broken into multiple muscles and be used for specialty muscle steaks, satay’s, stir fry’s, roasts, curries, etc, all from the one cut.

Rump is prepared from a Hindquarter. The Rump is removed by a straight cut commencing at the subiliac lymph node to a point cranial to the acetabulum avoiding the quadriceps group of muscles of the Knuckle to the ischiatic lymph node. The Loin is removed by a cut separating the Rump and the Loin at the lumbar acral junction. The Rump is further prepared by the removal of the abdominal muscles from the Flank leaving the M. tensor fasciae latae (tail).

Knuckle is prepared from a Hindquarter and is removed from the Butt following the natural seam between the Topside and Silverside. The patella joint capsule is removed. The cap muscle (M. temsor fasciae late) and associated fat and subiliac lymph node is removed.

Topside is prepared from a Hindquarter. The Topside is removed by following the natural seam between the Thick Flank and Silverside. Fibrous tissue, gland and associated fats are removed.

Blade is prepared from a Forequarter. The Blade is removed by following the natural seam between the ribs and the scapular. The Blade consists of a large portion of the triceps group of muscles.