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Lamb Racks (Square cut- Chine off)

Either roasted or chargrilled this is a visual feast and a perfect marriage with rosemary and garlic.

Lamb Leg (Boned and Rolled)

Easy to carve and perfect for oven roasting. Add a stuffing of basil pesto and breadcrumbs or create your favourite rub and massage in. Perfect for dicing for curries, casseroles and slow cooking.

Lamb Leg (Bone In)

A fabulous cut of lamb which is highly versatile. Pocket with a tomato and garlic paste and insert fresh rosemary for a succulent roast dish.

Lamb Square Cut Forequarter Shoulder (Bone In)

Very tender and succulent when roasting or slow cooking.

Lamb Shortloins (Bone In)

A fabulous cut for chargrilling or pan frying as they are extremely flavoursome and tender.

Lamb Rump (Cap On)

Lamb rumps are very versatile and an easy to cook centre plate protein. Lamb rumps can also be used in salads, pasta's or roasted whole as another alternative to lamb legs.

Lamb Backstrap (Silver Skin Removed)

Marinated, roasted, grilled as skewers or pan-fried this cut is sublime and extremely adaptable. Visions of backstrap with anchovies and mint immediately come to mind!

Frenched Lamb Racks (Cap On)

We take out the hard work and prepare our lamb racks already Frenched! Our lamb racks are tender and full of flavour, only requiring a seasoning of garlic, rosemary or thyme, salt and pepper. They are a guaranteed favourite on your menu.