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Scotch Fillet / Cube Roll

Regarded by many as the most flavoursome steak cut due to the marbling of the fat in the middle seam. Best cooked panfried, char-grilled or on the BBQ.

Scotch Fillet / Cube Roll (Pieces)

Regarded by many as the most flavoursome steak cut due to the marbling of the fat in the middle seam. Best cooked panfried, char-grilled or on the BBQ.

Scotch Fillet / Cube Roll (100 Days Grain Fed)

Regarded by many as the most flavoursome steak cut due to the marbling of the fat in the middle seam. Best cooked panfried, char-grilled or on the BBQ.

Black Angus Scotch Fillet / Cube Roll

A high quality of beef with a large muscle content. Wonderful for portioning or slow roasting as an impressive carvery. Very succulent and full of flavour.

Striploin / Porterhouse

Porterhouse is a lean cut from the striploin with a thin top strip of fat for extra taste. Panfry on a high heat to seal in the juices.

Black Angus Striploin/Porterhouse

Selected from prime quality Black Angas cattle delivering a juicy, tender and succulent steak.

Shortloin (Whole T/Bone Requires Saw)

A very tender cut yet packing a decent amount of beautiful beefy flavour. Simply roast, char-grill, panfry, or BBQ. The bone ensures an even cooking process, preventing the steak from shrinking or drying out.


A very versatile cut with an intense beefy flavour that is magical with powerful marinades and flavoursome rubs. A good grilling or BBQ/griddle pan steak.


Considered by some to be the best cut due to its magnificent flavour. Best whole roasted, or barbequed whole. May be cut across the grain for portioned steaks, or thinly sliced for a beef stir fry.

Eye of Rump - (100 Days Grain Fed)

A very lean cut perfectly suited for cutting into medallions, and fast cooking. May be cut into slices for stir-frys and most often used for Beef Wellingtons or Fillet Mignons.

Black Angus Rump

Taken from the hindquarter this is a very full flavoured piece of meat that may be roasted, pan-fried, casseroled or stir fried.

Rump Tri Tip

A very strong beef flavour and a favourite for South American Cuisine. Maybe whole roasted, or cooked on the BBQ, cut into steaks or sliced into thin strips and stir fried.

Tenderloin/Eye Fillet .9-1.4kg

As the eye fillet is cut from the tenderloin, it is one of the most tender cuts of meat. Best served rare, either roasted in the oven or pan fried.

Black Angus Tenderloin/Eye Fillet 1.8kg+

A very lean and tender cut of meat derived from superior Black Angas cattle. It is magnificent roasted as a whole piece and impressive when sliced into luscious fillet steaks and char-grilled.

Bull Tenderloin/Eye Fillet

A most tender cut of meats. Perfect for roasting whole, or cut into steaks and grilled. Tomahawk (1kg) IWThis cut is similar to a frenched lamb cutlet but much larger! It’s a rib eye beef steak, with the bone attached. These steaks can weigh up to 2kg, and are designed to be presented at the table and shared between 4 or more people. An absolute talking point! Best cooked on a griddle plate, BBQ or oven.

Butt Tenderloin/Fillet

A very tender cut of beef and is best suited to cutting into steaks for chargrilling or pan frying, or slicing for stirfrys. It is superb whole roasted in an oven with a ravishing rub.

Rib Bone In /O.P. Rib

Rib on the bone is rib with the rib bones attached. OP rib has natural marbling and all the flavour of the other rib fillets but the marrow of the bones gives an intense flavour advantage. Fabulous for char-grilling and roasting.

Brisket - (Point End)

Fabulous for slow cooking such as a casserole or braising as this cut has a high degree of connective tissue. Brisket pulls apart when cooked and shreds easily.

Topside (Fat Cap On)

Perfect for dicing for slow cooking as it is an extremely lean cut of meat.

Topside (Fat Cap Off)

Topside is best suited for a casserole or braising, however maybe cut into steaks.

Bolar Blade

A very versatile shoulder blade of beef either cooked whole as a roast, thinly sliced as a stir fry, diced for slow cooking or sliced into steaks. A very flavoursome cut.


An extremely flavoursome and very versatile cut. It may be whole roasted, sliced into portions and cooked in the pan, sliced for stir fries, and perfect for slow cooking.

Oyster Blade

This cut comes from the shoulder blade and may be roasted, sliced into steaks and Barbequed, cut into slices for stir frying and diced for slow cooking.

Knuckles – Round Steak

A lean piece of meat that is very versatile. Options include pan searing then low roasting, cut into medallion steaks for pan frying, or slow cooked in a braise.

Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are the perfect caveman cut! They are larger and meatier than pork spare ribs and have a deep beefy flavour. Perfect for slow cooking as the beef simply falls apart and are incredibly tender. Comfort food at its finest.

Beef Cheeks

A cut that requires long and slow cooking to make it tender. Best for casseroles and braising as it absorbs flavours well.


Best suited for moist slow cooking such as curries and casseroles as this is a very flavoursome cut of beef.

Chuck Tender

A lean cut that is suited for slow cooking in casseroles or braising, and a perfect partner for a marinade.

Corned Beef (Silverside)

This cut requires a delicate wet cooking method of corning which will produce a delicious and tender dish.


This is a very dense cut from the Hindquarter and cut from the Silverside.

Outside Flats

This cut is perfect for pickling, followed by a long and slow oven roasting.

Eye Round - (Fat Cap On)

A very lean piece of beef that may be diced for cooking in a casserole or used for braising.

Hindquarter Heel Muscle

Perfect for mincing, casseroles and a great gravy beef. Best cooked using a slow wet method which will return a full-bodied richness to the dish.

Beef Schniztels Crumbed (FZN)

Perfect for those beef schnitzel rolls or a beef saltimbocca.

Beef Hamburgers (x100g) (FZN)

Perfect pairing with buttery Gorgonzola Dolce cheese and caramelised onion, served on a brioche bun!

Beef Hamburgers (165g) (FZN) 5.2kg ctn

An easy choice for childrens meals and a regular go to for lunch menus! Offering you the opportunity to create your own exotic burger by changing up the ingredients.

Beef Mince 90Cl - (Certified Lean)

Use for Nachos, your own gourmet hamburgers, chilli con carne, meatballs, Thai beef mince, or a knockout spaghetti.

Boneless Beef Trimmings 85Cl (Certified Lean)

Use for your own gourmet hamburgers, chilli con carne, meatballs, nachos,Thai beef mince, or a knockout spaghetti The list is endless!

Beef Sausages Thin 18kg/carton (approx. 9 sausages/kg)

A summer staple!

BBQ Sausages Thin 18kg/carton (approx. 9 sausages/kg)

Quick and easy party food! Perfect for the cricket club, footy club, school fundraisers, and the traditional Aussie sausage sizzle!

Beef Feet (FZN)

Perfect for stock and soups providing body to the dish due to the high collagen content of the fibres.

Beef Tripe Pieces (FZN)

A popular choice for Dim Sum, Italian red sauces, or deep fried.

Honeycomb Tripe (FZN)

The second stomach and the most coveted. A mild flavour which works well in soups and casseroles. A popular Italian ingredient to a red sauce or, served plain after cooking in butter. Tripe is making a big comeback in restaurants in The USA and Australia.

Beef Chuck/Neck/Soup Bones Cut (FZN)

Wonderful for stocks and soups with a rich, succulent flavour. Neck bones work well in a slow cooker and are very tender.

Beef Porterhouse/Sirloin/Striploin

Porterhouse is a lean cut from the striploin with a thin top strip of fat for extra taste. Pan fry on a high heat to seal in the juices.

Scotch Fillet/Rib Eye On The Bone

Scotch Fillet/Rib Eye On the bone are a delicacy providing a juicy tenderness and rich, meaty flavour.

Cube Roll/Rib Fillet/Rib Eye Boneless

Bursting with flavour, helping you to create mouthwatering masterpieces

Wagyu Scotch Fillet 8+ Marble Score

The quality of the marbling in our Wagyu Scotch Fillets help to give this produce the rich, melt in the mouth consistency.



A range of Angus, Grain Fed, Pasture Fed and Wagyu Superior Quality Beef, suitable for 1st class restaurants, hotels and catering venues


Exceptional quality Young beef sourced Australia wide, suitable for top class restaurants, hotels, steakhouses and clubs


Quality Prime or Steer beef sourced from a broader range of Australian cattle best suited for Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and restaurants


Fundamental beef offering suitable for braising roasting or thin sliced for pubs, cafe’s and eateries