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Our Difference

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Why are we different to other wholesale meat companies?

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MEATONLINE has its own modern distribution facilities in each mainland capital city of Australia. We take pride in being market leaders in the field of wholesale meat supply to some of this country’s finest hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs. Place your next order for chilled and frozen beef / lamb / pork / chicken / game meats / smallgoods / crumbed products with MEATONLINE and see your bottom line benefit immediately.

MEATONLINE pricing is adjusted daily according to livestock market fluctuations and operates as a totally transparent wholesale meat shopping destination. If the livestock prices rise then so do our prices (unscrupulous operators have been known to reduce the product quality to meet your pricing levels as that is easier than fighting you for a price rise in the short term). However, when livestock or other products become cheaper or certain seasonal primal cuts become cheaper, we simply reduce our pricing on the website to create more volume for all of us.

Some items can drop by as much as 20% in a week if we have purchased a large bulk overrun. Think about it – if you are saving an average of 30% on your meat bill just by buying at MEATONLINE, you could save a further 20% on top of that when you purchase from our Special Offers! Keep an eye on the ‘Special Offers’ section – but please remember that there are no rain checks and that specials are offered daily and weekly, subject to supply, so the more you log on and check what the market is doing, the better your chance of daily savings.

The vast majority of our clients, whilst perhaps having to do a little more work themselves, have saved themselves between 25 to 40 % off their meat purchases. It’s not always about what suits your menus or your staff’s desires, making a real difference to your bottom line is also about what you can buy at the right price at the right time of the year and making that work for your business and your clients.

Log on now to use MEATONLINE as a pricing barometer / benchmark against your current supplier – you’ll soon see the savings on offer!