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Pork Meaty Riblets (Shoulder Ribs)

A fabulous low and slow cut that love a rub and sticky Asian sauces!

American Spare Ribs (Loin Ribs)

Loin ribs are a meatier option than spare ribs. Perfectly paired with Bourbon marinades, BBQ sauce and tomatoes. Or perhaps a rub and then smoked for an incredible flavour hit.

Pork Tenderloin

Also known as pork fillet, this cut is a lean and possesses a delicate flavour. A very quick cooking meat, lending itself to a magnificent marinade and roasted in the oven. It may also be cut into round medallions and pan-fried.

Pork Belly Boneless (Rind On)

A fatty but incredibly tender cut of pork. Slow roasting a pork belly is a winner, but it can also be sliced and crisped up in a hot pan. A smoky aromatic vindaloo is something to consider, and pulled pork brioche buns are very popular. A great cut for Vietnamese kho, or a Japanese char siu pork.

Pork Belly Boneless (Rind Off)

Perfect for Asian wet dishes and slow cooking.

Pork Belly Bone In (Rind On)

A super rich, soft and tender cut that will yield a fabulous crackling!

Pork Collar Butt/Neck

A fabulous cut which is good for roasting or slow cooking as it stays moist through out the cooking process.

Pork Striploin/Porterhouse (Rindless)

This cut comes from the hind of the pig and is very lean and tender. BBQ, chargrill or pan fry.

Pork Loin Roast Boneless (Rind On)

Stuff it and roll to make a fantastically juicy roast! You can keep the skin on and crisp it up to get a sensational crackling, or remove the skin and marinate the whole roast loin.