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"We highly recommend Meatonline"

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Michelle - Prestige Service Training -QLD

When looking to order meat for the family it can be overwhelming, to say the least. It is usually so expensive and sometimes you never really know what the quality is going to be like until it is too late.
In order to try to combat the rising prices of food, my work colleagues and I have gotten together to place a regular meat order for the entire office and we split the costs and the meat. We have done this for the past year and always ordered from

The website is easy to use and the prices are constantly being updated to reflect the market prices so we know that we are getting the best prices available. The customer service we have experienced with Meatonline is nothing less than outstanding and the Meatonline team really care about their clients and will go out of his way to WOW you with his incredible knowledge of their products and other food inquiries.

We have been able to enjoy top quality meats at reduced rates as we all share the costs together. We call it our 'Monthly Meat Club' and thanks to this we are all able to eat amazing meat which otherwise might be out of our price ranges.

We highly recommend Meatonline, and you have nothing to lose by starting up your own 'Monthly Meat Club'.

"Awesome to deal with"

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Vanesa Jones - Torquay Hotel - QLD

Meat Online have been awesome to deal with and the quality and price of the meat we buy from them is second-to-none.

Our customers are always commenting how good our steaks are, which just shows the quality of produce that you receive from Meat Online.

They have fabulous incentives which we have been lucky enough to be able to take advantage of and they are always checking in with us to make sure that we are happy with our product, ordering etc. I would highly recommend their online ordering system which makes the whole ordering process in the kitchen much more streamlined.

Thanks Meat Online. The Torquay Hotel is one of your very happy customers.

"I leave my meat products in the hands of professionals"

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Eric Brain - Fast Eddys WA

Running a 24 hour café can be a demanding proposition. There is never any time when you not ‘on call’. This can leave little time to source new suppliers and improve the quality of product that I provide to my customers. Whilst looking online one evening I stumbled across and thought I would give it a try.

I had been thinking of buying our meat in bulk and ageing the beef for some time and this seemed like an opportune time to trial the new procedure. I also wanted to source a new supplier for American pork spare ribs

I placed my order at 5pm on a Monday night and my delivery arrived before 11am the next day.

I could not believe the product was delivered so quickly but a bigger surprise was to come. The quality of the cube roll and striploin that I received was nothing short of fantastic.

The product was already 4 weeks in its bag (unlike alternatives that were killed, cut and delivered to us within a couple of days) and there was very little waste to trim. In our first 18kg box of cube roll, we trimmed less than 900gm of weight before being satisfied the steaks were ready to go.

I then ordered a few more alternative products including sliced ham, chorizo sausage, burger patties, Wagyu rump and short cut bacon. All have been of the same consistent high standard.

Meatonline is a great way to place my orders at any time of the day or night. I am confident my meat products will arrive in the boxes in which they were packed, that they are of a consistent high quality and the price points are incredibly competitive.

Every step of the way with Meatonline and has been a rewarding experience. I submitted an email enquiry to learn more and within a very short period of time I had a professional answer from the Meatonline team.

I could not believe it when I logged in and saw the large amount of products offered through the various categories and free meat cutting videos as well!

Once I submitted and paid for my order, I received an email from the Meatonline team thanking me for my business and giving me an idea of when I should expect delivery of my order. On the rare occasions I have called and talked to the Meatonline Managers and they are incredibly helpful, patient and have a deep understanding of the industry which gives my great comfort knowing that I’m in the hands of professionals.

I would highly recommend any business in the food service industry, no matter how small or large, getting onto Meatonline and placing their orders.

I now have more time to spend with my family and leave my meat products in the hands of professionals.

"We are saving over $500.00 per week buying through Meatonline"

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Julian & Wendy Delchau - The Rocks Motel & On the Rocks Restaurant Charleville QLD

Our business is situated 800KM due west of Brisbane. That’s a 9 hour drive by car. For product to reach us, we require a number of cogs to work together or we are left with no product or the wrong product for a week. Meatonline is proficient at getting our product where it needs to be, on time and in perfect condition.
Meatonline and particularly our contact, Duncan Fuller has been superb in his customer service and delivery. Duncan is in regular contact with us letting us know what issues are coming up or when there is a good price on the cuts we need. The quality of the meat is what puts Meatonline is streets ahead of any other meat suppliers and has allowed our restaurant to be at the top. We are renown for our steaks!
Price is an important factor when running a business, and with meat being so expensive, we need to get the best bang for our buck. The meat from Meatonline is great value and we get some of the best cuts available. We are saving over $500 week buying though Meatonline.
It’s easy and convenient and we would recommend it to everyone to contact Meatonline and find out if they can help your business as well.

"Service and price that’s second to none"

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Luke Miller - Chica Bonita Manly NSW

The food service industry demands the very best at all times. Service & quality is paramount, Meatonline delivers every time.
We’ve been buying from Meatonline for our North Sydney restaurants for over two years. Meatonline gives me the assurance I need at prices that others can’t match.
Communication is so important for the smooth running of our businesses, Meatonline are better than anyone we’ve ever dealt with. Even the smallest of issues and Meatonline are straight on the phone with a solution!

“Quick and Efficient Service”

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Marcel Schulter - Poachers Pantry NSW

As a small good producer, we are always looking for perfect quality and a good price at the meat market.

We are dealing with Meat online for a couple of years now and we are happy to say, it is always a pleasure.

Duncan and his team are making sure we become the best price and outstanding quality. The service is excellent and very helpful. Delivery is prompt and always in good condition.

" MEATONLINE - Professional Organisation"

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Team @ Branches Restaurant - Shellharbour NSW

As a restaurant that has been operating for over 30 years, we understand the importance of sourcing the right suppliers.
MEATONLINE supplies high quality meat at competitive pricing, which allows us to meet and exceed the expectations of our diners, whilst keeping costs low.
The quality of the cuts of meat are of a consistently high grade and we have never had a problem with an order.
Pricing is updated regularly and reflects the fluctuations in the market prices, which provides us with the assurance we are receiving value for money.
The online ordering process is made easy and can be completed in a time efficient manner.
The order to delivery time is able to meet the unpredictable nature and high demands of the hospitality industry and the utmost care is taken in the unloading and handling of the order.
Duncan Fuller and the MEATONLINE team are always readily available to help with any enquiry or questions that we may have. Communication is always handled professionally and are prompt in their response. It is clear they have a vast knowledge of the industry and their products.
We would highly recommend MEATONLINE as a preferred wholesale meat supplier in the food service industry and have every confidence in them to continue to supply consistently high-quality meats.

"Consistent Quality, Competitive Pricing, Efficient & Friendly Service"

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James Black - Venue Manager - Gilhooleys Irish Pub & Restaurant QLD

We have found that no other supplier out there can match MEATONLINE for the quality of product they deliver at great pricing. Duncan Fuller and the MEATONLINE team have been amazing to deal with from day one. Meat is delivered quickly and on time with never a product missing or wrong.
We are consistently getting great feedback from our customers about the quality of our meat and the fact we can sell to them at some of the best pricing in the CBD. This brings repeat business over and over again.
We would recommend MEATONLINE to any business out there that is after quality product at the best price.

"I started buying from Meatonline close to 8 years ago"

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Adam Hayhow - Recomp HQ

I started buying from Meatonline close to 8 years ago. I stumbled across the website during a Google search after I got frustrated with the high prices and terrible quality of supermarket and butcher meats. I have moved around a few times in those 8 years, including changing states, but I have continued to use Meatonline religiously for the majority of my meat.
I eat over 1kg of meat every day and that is made possible by the incredible quality and fantastic prices of Meat Online. I place my order and it will be delivered 1-2 days later.
The service is fantastic from the delivery guys to quick answers to all emails.
Part of my job is writing diets for athletes and every client I get I send straight to Meatonline because I know the standard of meat is superior to anything that will be bought at a supermarket or butcher with prices that are usually 50% or more cheaper.
I am at the point now where I would prefer to stay home and cook meat purchased from Meatonline, rather than going to any high end restaurant and being disappointed and ripped off with their subpar quality and high prices.
The meat is incredible. The prices are amazing and the service is fantastic.