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Tips to order and store your whole primals

Your goal is to stay several days ahead of your meat preparation and never completely run out. You always want to be ordering meat that you can store for several weeks. This depends on the types of cuts you’re using for your menu. Always use the oldest meat first and let fresh meat age as long as possible.

  • Check the tempretures of your meat upon arrival and record.
  • Inspect the meat and make sure there are no leaks.
  • Label each primal with the date it was produced, this information is on the side of the carton.
  • Place meat on a tray or large plastic tubs on the bottom shelf of your cool room; never place above any other food item in case of leaks.
  • Ensure the oldest stock is on top and the new stock at the bottom. Rotation is the key when storing meat – always use the old stock first.