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Salmon portions are one of the most versatile seafood proteins on any menu, and an easy option for busy kitchens.

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Our sustainably farmed salmon portions are sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmania. Tasmanian salmon has long been chosen by Australian Chefs for its high quality, sublime flavour and texture.

Selected by diners for its delicate yet flavoursome flesh, it appeals to pescetarians, seafood lovers and heath food conscious customers alike. Low in saturated fats and high in long chain omega 3 fatty acids, Tasmanian salmon is at the top of the list of iconic Super Foods.

Diners love to order seafood when they are out – whether it’s a lack of skill to cook seafood at home, or thinking that salmon is reserved solely for dining out, customers’ love eating this steaky fish!

Salmon is trending again in Australia and noticeably in the fast “fine” foods sectors!

For minimal prep time -but packing a punch for flavour- think salmon infused sushi salads for a quick bar menu, or salmon and wasabi mayo sliders for those who like to graze all day.  Grilled or BBQ’d salmon with lime finger caviar and caper mayo is a great pairing, and salmon and coconut Poke bowls are on high rotation! A Sri Lankan salmon curry with freshly shaved coconut and broccolini ticks many boxes for the more careful diners with specific dietary requirements.

This new line of protein to Meatonline is a perfect choice for catering, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, pubs and clubs as its preparation is uncomplicated. It may be grilled, pan-fried, poached, BBQ’d and served with an array of many side dishes and sauces.

Stock is currently available in QLD and Victoria with short term plans to have this stock available in NSW, WA and SA.