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The emergence of the American Style BBQ restaurant has become more prevalent throughout Australia’s dining scene.

By utilizing cheap cuts such as beef briskets, short ribs, pork ribs and pork collarbutts these primal are prepared by using an assortment of dry rubs and slowly cooked and basted in hot smokers or convectional ovens. During the smoking process some restaurants use many different types of wood chips to achieve an array of flavor profiles such as Tasmanian oak, hickory and mesquite to name a few. The final and most important step is to caramelized these cuts over a char grill and basting with house made BBQ sauces to achieve tender, moist well flavoured dishes. Many of these proteins are either shredded and used in burgers, wraps or bread rolls or served in portions and accompanied by coleslaw, barbecued corn, fries and assortment of side sauces including BBQ, Chilli and tomato or ranch dressing.

Aside the stand alone restaurants, much of the Australian dining scene is adopting these dishes through out their menus to cater to the growing demand and popularity. Many sources say the demand and popularity of this cuisine is attributed to TV networks such as the Food network and Australian reality cooking shows such as My Kitchen Rules and Master Chef.

Watch this space  for our next Meatonline Blog where we will be offering some free recipes on dry rubs, sauces and a recipe for Beef Brisket.