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How Chefs Cook Steaks

Cooking & Serving of Meat

– Pre heat your oven to 200 deg Celsius

– Pre heat your grill, ensure grill is clean and hot

– Set up a tray, sprinkled with salt and pepper next to your cooking area plus have a dozen smaller trays or pizza trays ready

– Set your station up with a squeeze bottle of rendered fat/oil, a couple of sets of tongs, salt and pepper plus a resting tray. Resting tray consists of a wire rack set over a tray to collect meat dripping placed in a warm area.

– Once an on order is placed e.g. 2 rib eye medium rare, remove from the fridge. Place on seasoning tray and season steaks both sides, drizzle a little oil over. Place on the grill and let it sear for minimum of 3-4 minutes pending on the heat of your grill. If you try and turn the steak and it sticks, leave it for a further 30 seconds then turn. Pick up with your tongs rotate from right to left and leave for another 2-3 minutes to get the cross marks on your steak.

– Turn over and sear the underside of your steak. You can either leave it on the grill and keep cooking them or place both steaks on a pizza tray in the oven to finish cooking time.

– Remove from oven after 6-8 minutes, for example, and place on a resting tray. Rest for 5 minutes before serving.

– Time of cooking and resting your steaks will vary greatly due to the size and cut of your steaks.