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Why are we being charged for freight?

This is the most common question our team at Meatonline receives, many customers mention they have been in the business 20 plus years and have never been charged for freight. Well it may not seem so but every piece of food we eat weather for food service or retail has a freight charge built into the sale price. If there wasn’t a freight percentage built into the price, freight companies couldn’t be paid, no trucks would be on the road and there wouldn’t be any food available for our businesses or families.

Every company will build a freight percentage into their sale price, plus add a little on the top to make more money out of you, in some cases companies could be making as much as 30% on their freight charges. This is a common occurrence especially when meat prices increase.


At Meatonline the freight charge is separate to the sell prices of our products at Meatonline, this is so we are 100% transparent as to what you are being charged for.

The prices are reflective of the freight charges we are charged by the freight companies, there is complete transparency and you will know what you freight price is up front before purchasing. We make no extra money on our freight prices in fact quite often loose money in order to keep the prices down as much as we can for our customers.

Take a look at your next tax invoice and compare prices, you could be very surprised at what you have been paying for?