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Burr…. It’s getting cold out there and Winter is the perfect time of the year to buy cheap secondary cuts and turn them beautiful tasting dishes that can be served from pubs and clubs to restaurants or fine dining, to warm the hearts of your customers and keep them coming back for more.
A particularly popular cut is oxtails. Using a sharp knife Oxtails can be cut into individual portions. Then season with salt and pepper, sear and slowly cooked in a rich beef stock with caramelized mirepoix to produce one of the best dishes you and your customers have ever tasted! For fine dining oxtails can be boned, stuffed, rolled and poached sous vide, sliced and cooked to order for an elegant dish.
Another use for oxtails is to shred the meat off of the bones, mixing it with a rich sticky BBQ glaze and caramelized onions. You can serve them as delicious mini sliders for a bar snack as an example.
Diners are looking for dishes they can’t cook at home, value for money and something they can eat with one of their favorite reds.
Oxtails are a versatile product. They are cheap to buy, easy to cook and you can stand out in the crowd by offering your customers something truly special.
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